Before you begin, be sure that you've read our Introduction to Stacks

When deploying a stack to AWS, Caylent defaults the size of the EC2 instances that make up the server nodes to t2.medium. If you want to customize the size, you can do so in the Stacks Services section of either the Stack Console or within the App Wizard. This is also where you can customize the # of master and worker nodes within your Swarm. Caylent’s default number for both are 3 and 0, respectively. 

If editing within the App Wizard, make sure you are editing the correct Docker Swarm service. You can tell which stack it’s associated to within the ‘Associated Stack’ dropdown. In the example below, the service is associated with the stack named ‘dev-demo’.

You can adjust the instance size of your worker and master nodes separately. Below is an example of a stack with its worker nodes set to t2.small, while its master nodes are set to t2.xlarge.

When you deploy this stack, Caylent will spin up three t2.xlarge and two t2.small instances. If you want to change the size of your instances, you will have to un-deploy the stack, edit the service, and re-deploy.

Next Steps

Now that we've covered how to customize your stack's instances, you can connect your cloud provider and deploy your stack.

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