There are two keys you'll need to retrieve from your AWS account before Caylent can deploy stacks or apps to your AWS cloud. These are a matching 'Access Key ID' and 'Secret Access Key'.

Follow the steps outlined below to retrieve these keys and connect your AWS account.

Step 1 - Navigate to Security Credentials

Access keys can be generated and managed in the Security Credentials section of the AWS user menu dropdown.


Step 2 - Generate Keys using Root Account

If you are signed in using the AWS root account, you will see a screen like the one below. Click 'Create New Access Key'.

Generate Keys using IAM (alternative to root account)

Once signed in via Identity Access Management (IAM), navigate to Users > Select a User > Security Credentials.

From the Security Credentials tab, click the 'Create access key' button.

Please note: The IAM user will need to have full Administrator Access using the default AdministratorAccesspolicy attached to the group the user belongs to.

Step 3 - Save Access Keys

A modal will pop up and display the generated Access key ID and Secret access key. Make sure to download or copy your access keys, you'll need them when adding AWS as a provider in Caylent.

Step 4 - Adding Keys to Caylent

Next, log in to your Caylent account. Navigate to 'Credentials' from the user dropdown menu.

Click 'Add AWS' and input the Access Key and Secret Key that was generated in the previous step. Give your credential a unique name in case you need to add more keys later.

Click 'Save' when finished.

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